The Amazon Agency

Are You Ready?

Amazon is Evolving.

With more sellers and more competition, Amazon is changing how it picks winners.

Doing the basics won't cut it anymore. Beating the competition and growing requires deployment of more advanced marketing strategies.

Make sure you don't get left behind

Amazon is going through a Huge Transformation

And the trend is increasing at an exponential rate!

Rapid Growth

66% of all sellers are new in the last 3 years!

Huge Numbers

That's 3,718 new sellers EVERY, SINGLE, DAY...

As a result...Amazon is radically changing how it 

Picks and Prioritizes winners

So, if you haven't noticed's coming...

Decrease Earnings

Earnings per Click are Decreasing

Slowing Growth

Sales Growth is Slowing

Knock Offs

Brands targeted by Knock Off Products

Product Prices

Prices being Driven down by compentition

Amazon's Rules

Amazon Policy & Rules Freqently Changing

It's the natural evolution of a platform...

The first mover advantage Disappears as the platform becomes overcrowded and the bar for success gets raised.

The next generation of success comes from marketers that know how to optimize and feed the algorighms the right data.

The Better Marketers ALWAYS Win!

Multi Layer Image
Multi Layer Image


Most brands just do the basics...

  • Post professional pictures of products
  • Write a product description
  • Set the price point
  • Launch it out into the Amazon atmosphere to compete

Often, after launching an ad, the only thing the brand ever changes are a few pictures or the pricing.

This worked before Amazon got crowded. Even now, Amazon wants you to have some easy wins so you get hooked on success....

But SCALING and capturing market share can be tough unless you go to the next level...

The Basics won't cut it anymore!   In Fact....

Doing the Basics is only 10% of the work that needs to be done if you want to give the algorithm the "juice" it needs... get Amazon to scale for you.

If you do the work, Amazon rewards you.

If you do it right, it grows exponentially.

It's like a billion-dollar robot that doesn't come with instructions,

but you need to know which button to push,

and which level to pull,

to make it go.

And that's what we do at Streiff Marketing...

We become your Amazon scientists...

We help brands grow their sales and profits by becoming your Amazon Scientists.

We run split tests...and make hundreds of adjustments to your account so we can improve conversion rates and rankings. 

Amazon only makes money when someone BUYS something. So, if you can increase your conversion rate, and your page converts better than your competitors, then Amazon will SELFISHLY index your listing above your competition. We use that motivation to systematically grow your account!

Here are some of the things we test...


We'll find the right pricing strategy that maximizes profit.


We test which image sequence creates the best buying experience. You'd be surprised at how much the order of your pictures impact conversion rate.


This is an art and a science. We incorporate keyword research, sales, psychology, and testing to increase conversion rate and ranking.


We monitor customer behavior inside the buy box to see what adjustments need to be made.


Which helps you get products listed higher...and fends of competition.


We perform dozens of other tests, analyzing your account to see what it needs to succeed.


Process Driven Growth

Our average client growth across ALL accounts last year was 147%.

Our methodical and scientific process has allowed us to scale sales and profits for our clients over and over again. 

Let's look at some examples...

This is a well known company in the hunting industry

In 2015 they did $465,000 on Amazon. We took over their account in 2016 and we used our scientific approach to  grow their account to almost $800,000 in 2017.  

Then, they decided they’d try to go a different route and switch to another agency. Their account dropped to $289k in 2018.  

They quickly re-engaged us and we doubled their sales that next year to get them back up to $644,000 in 2019 and they are on track to do well over $1.1mm this year. 

Another well known hunting brand

This is another brand in the hunting industry that was already doing millions of dollars a year on Amazon but they had plateaued their growth.

They were down 2% from the prior year.

We took over the account and the first year we increased sales by 23%.  

The next year we increased it by another 91%! 

This is another well known brand

Here’s another company that we took over this year in April. Their sales had been pretty flat but consistent for the last few years as you can see on this chart.

So we took over in April of 2020 and by October, just 7 months later we had done $2.2mm in sales!

We did 40% more revenue than the previous year in just 7 months.

And it would have been even better, but we sold through their inventory so fast that they ran out of stock. 

We've done it over and over...

...and over and over...

We know how to optimize and "juice" the algorithm

We use a 105-point checklist to systematically build out and scale your account. This repeatablility creates an unfair advantage, because we know how to juice up the algorithm...

This is why our client turnover is unheard of in the industry. We still have to vast majority of our clients from 6 years ago. We do NOT churn and burn for retainers and fee's.

We invest in advanced data analysis and training - so you don't have to! We're experts in the best systems and tools, so you don't have to be.

"I bought the rocket...Now I need to learn to fly it!"

We do whatever it takes...

As a full service agency, we do everything you'd expect. From new item setup, listing optimization, launch strategies, channel cleanup, advertising, A+ pages, and so on. But what sets us appart, is our willingnes to work and do whatever it takes for your Amazon account to win.

We created a strategy to keep dealers and distributors happy without causing channel conflict.

We helped a client get back over $400,000 in wrongful charges from Amazon.

They'd been fighting over it for years, and we got it all back within a few months.

We started saving one client over $1,000 per FBA shipment. They'd already overpaid by over $100,000 before us.

3 Scenarios Our Clients Have Given for Coming to Us...

“We had originally assigned an existing employee to learn how to set up Amazon and manage that channel.

But that employee had another job to do as well... So it didn't get the attention it deserved and we were looking for the expertise to take it to the next level.

We also didn't like the fact that there was no redundancy built in. If that employee gets hit by the proverbial bus, or decides to leave, then the Amazon account can go to crap in a hurry.” 

“We’d hired an experienced Amazon seller onto our staff and it wasn't working out. Turns out that people who are good enough at Amazon to compete are hard to come by and a professional will cost around $100,000 or more. What happens when that guy stops working for us?” 

“We’d been using an agency that had been doing a good job at the basics, but our growth had stalled and they had no solution.  We knew there had to be another agency that had it figured out, and liked the advanced growth strategies you presented. They have set us apart amidst the flood of competition entering Amazon's platform.” 

If I Were In Your Shoes, Here's HOW I'd Be Picking An Agency


Emphasis on testing and conversion rate optimization – you need someone touching your account weekly and split testing to increase conversion rates. Higher converting listings get higher priority because that means Amazon has a greater chance of making money too. 


Someone with a team – there are a lot of freelancers out there that have enjoyed success in the past because they could get results by just doing the basics. You also need a continuity plan with redundancy built in. 


We have proven results on Amazon. We're dedicated to the Amazon Platform – you don’t want a generic agency because Amazon is its own animal.  


I’d want a deal structured to align my interests, with those of my agency. Too many agencies churn and burn to get as many retainers as possible, then try to keep their clients just barely happy enough to keep paying the retainer. You don't want to play that game. You want someone who will give your account the attention it deserves and keep them motivated to grow your sales and profit. Someone willing to put their time and money on the line. 

We built the agency WE'D want to hire...

We align our interests with yours by creating a PERFORMANCE BASED AGREEMENT. If we're able to help you scale sales and profits, then we make money... If not, then we don't.

The next steps...

1 - We gather some information about your account

2 - We provide a performance-based proposal to you